Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cult Diapers

I just ordered two new diapers, and two new wet bags (for those of you who don't use cloth, these are reusable, waterproof bags for storing dirties in), and am feeling a bit guilty. Spent about $70 total, with shipping, which is way more than I usually spend on anything, though said all items were half price, and the materials alone are pricey. For what it's worth, all of my other diapers have seen a ton of use, and my expensive GEN-Y wetbag (also bought half price) is holding up wonderfully, while my cheaper one isn't doing so well.

Said diapers are Goodmamas, which I feel a bit odd about, since they're wildly popular, super expensive, and definitely have the brand-chic thing going. The reviews are generally good, and they're cute, but I still feel like a bit of a sell-out. If I'm going to sell out, I might as well do it at as little loss as possible, I suppose.