Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jam FTW!

About a year ago, I ordered a case of mangoes from the co-op. Milo was just getting into solid foods then, so most of the mangoes got pureed and/or frozen, and that was that. A week or two ago, I ordered another case of mangoes, organic this time, since they'd worked out so well last time. Apparently, Milo's no longer digging the mangoes, so I gave a few to a friend, and was left with twenty-some little yellow mangoes going soft in their box on the counter. Not so cool. I ended up peeling and dicing them all today, with a veggie peeler, which I've found to be the most efficient way, and froze four cups of them. The rest were turned into mango jam, which was really quite good.

Mango's got a very nice flavor by itself, but in baked things, it tends to end up tasting sweet, rather than like itself, so the jam was a nice alternative to muffins or bread. Will definitely make this one again. And yes, its was very easy. Just throw mango chunks, sugar, and a bit of lemon or lime juice in a pot, stir for about twenty minutes, and make sure there's some toast ready to go, and you've got a nice little snack.