Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cheap List, Phoenix-Based

I wrote this up for a recently fired friend, and am putting it up here for anyone who might find it useful. Every time we lose someone else there it's like friggin' Watership Down.

Anyway . . .

Go get a GMail or Yahoo or similar account just for this stuff before you do anything. - lots of info on sales, drugstore fun, and general cheapness. This is where so much of my toothpaste comes from. Y - similar, but Tucson based - some good inspiration - ditto, but with more agave nectar. That ingredient pisses me off, for some reason. - sign up with a spam account, receive tampons and fibre supplements in the mail. - Same idea. Don't mine the Walmart-ness. This is being done by the manufacturers. - Okay, it's not health food, but if you check the offers stuff, you'll often get coupons for free products. - More stuff in the mail. Kashi coupons should make anyone at least moderately happy. - coupons for natural stuff. - see if the link here works. My favorite by far, since it rewards pretty well, and you can get Amazon cards with it.

Look into Swag Bucks if you get bored. Not as fast, and I installed it on IE, so Firefox stays nice and clean. Run searches a couple times a day, eventually get $5 from Amazon. - get points for clicking links in emails, or shopping through certain sites. I probably have a referral link somewhere, but haven't done much with this recently. - go to the store on Friday (before 2:30), take $10 and a giant Ikea bag, come back with a ton of cheap, good bread. A lot of the labels are covered over, so you may need to guess, but your chances of scratching off the label when you get home and finding that you paid 50 cents for organic bread are pretty high. - sign up for their mailing list, get coupons for $5 off $25 or $10 off $50 from time to time (they're nice about letting you do two transactions to use two coupons), get cheap organic stuff and markdowns. And get the banana gelato!