Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just Get The Mail Together Already

Rebates always sound great, but unless your organizational skills are great, it's really easy to forget to do use them. They're rare, but I LOVE ones that can be submitted online. I was trying to get the ones I needed together, except it turns out the Sonicare one needed to be sent in in December (the month I was really sick), so at least I know that's not worth worrying about now. So, awaiting a new printer cartridge and a bit of motivation are:

The Physician's Formula eyeliner one. Not the best product, but it was fairly cheap. Google says the form is here. That brings up a whole lot of Windows scripting fail, as does the rest of their site, so let's hope they fix it soon.

The Air Optix rebate, here. Not as cool as Air Jordans, but cooler than Air Bud. This is going to require digging through some paperwork. Actually, why don't I make a folder just for rebate stuff?

Neosporin, rebate here. For those of us with crappy skin.

Also awaiting shipping are a couple shirts for my brother, a jacket and cookie scoop for my mother, and a bunch of random stuff for a sweet friend in NH. I really need to get this all sent out already.

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