Saturday, September 5, 2009

Meal Plan

. . .Because if I don't make a plan for the veggies, they're going to get forgotten at the back of the fridge, like the bok choy from the last basket.

Chicken Broccoli Stirfry, with the chicken that was on sale at Fry's this week. I'll be skipping the bok choy in this one, for obvious reasons, and need some oyster sauce. A trip to Lee Lee's is wel overdue.

Potato Broccoli Cheese Soup. I think. If I do this, I want to try Beer Bread with it. We were talking about that recipe at work, and figured the oats and beer would be great for lactation, and adding some flax would make it even better, so if I make it, I'm going to have to make enough for the Pumping Moms, too. I might make a broccoli quiche instead, with no crust, to keep it simple. Soup sounds really appealing, but we live in the middle of the desert, so we're still seeng 110+ weather.

Pizza, with green peppers, made with the tomato sauce I opened tonight. Will either make a quick crust for this one, or try the 5-minute bread recipe I've been looking at. I'd like to have a salad with this, to use up the romaine.

Since there are only two adults (one with a really odd work schedule) and one baby here, I figure that'll do us for the week. On nights when I'm alone, I can eat leftovers, or make grilled cheese sandwiches, and stick bits of avocado in those. I can make a small, less-sauced pizza for Milo's lunches, and either send chunks of potato and cheese, or little bits of quiche. I'll pick up some frozen ravioli, too, since he's currently really enjoying that.

Will try Milo with slice of pairs, and see what he thinks. I'm not too fond of them, so if he doesn't like them, I'm giving them away. Apples can be eaten as-is, or baked, or made into apple crisp, if I'm feeling a bit ambitious. Watermelon and bananas can go into lunches, the peaches still need to ripen, and I like grapefruits, even if no one else does.

So, my grocery list for tomorrow is:

1 onion
A loaf of bread
A big thing of vanilla yogurt, for breakfasts
Oyster sauce, I hope
Shredded cheese, since it's 97 cents this week
Maybe bouillion cubes, except they're so darn salty
Frozen ravioli

Will try to get out for about $20, but will probably fail.

And everything else we need is in the house already. Neat.

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