Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cheap Online Thrills

Being, in this case, things to send away for, or make a wee bit of money with. Don't get me wrong, you're not going to get rich clicking emails, and anyone who tells you otherwise has something to sell you, but there's still some fun to be had.


Sign up, choose some samples, and you'll be awash in odd magazine subscriptions and fiber supplements in no time. There are more useful samples, too, like little tubes of toothpaste, and shower gel. This is a great way to never have to buy travel-sized items again.


Yes, really. Same idea as StartSampling, run by start sampling, actually, but the selection varies, and sometimes it's possible to order the same item from both sites. When a sample page says the item is only available in stores, it means that if you want to purchase it, you need to go to a physical store, not, but you can still order the sample.


I really like this one. Sign up, receive the occasional survey email, and get neat stuff in the mail, including coupons for free products, and high-value coupons for stuff like Kelloggs cereals, and Kashi (which Kelloggs owns, shockingly enough). The little organizer I'm planning on sticking coupons in came in a FluMist promotion from Vocalpoint.


Yes, I know that free email accounts are just so 1998, and you already have one. Get another one anyway, and use it for signing up for offers from manufacturers. You don't need this stuff cluttering up your personal inbox, and it's nice having it all in one spot. I'd recommend one that lets you filter messags into various folders.


Prime example of why you need a free email account for this stuff. Sign up, click advertising emails, and get 5 or so points each. You can get points for buying from various online shops, but I suck at remembering to do this. Anyway, the email points add up fast enough, and you can redeem them for Amazon gift cards and the like. And then find out your husband spent said gift card on a garage door remote control. But anyway . . . .


Sign up, get sent products and coupons, tell people about the stuff, repeat -- and get MyPoints points for it. You do need to submit reports on what you said, and how people reacted, but it's not hard, and it's extremely friendly. Also, getting a box of makeup or candles in the mail in the middle of a derpressing week is a lot of fun.

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