Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Halloween Candy

It's . . . gone. All of it, except one little package of Sour Skittles that Milo managed to hide. I'm shocked.

Earlier this year, the husband and I had debated whether the bad economy and real estate market (meaning we're surrounded by empty houses) would mean we'd see next to no kids, because it wouldn't be worth the effort of going out, or a ton, since all you'd need would be a homemade costume. I guessed the latter would be true, but it didn't seem to be a commonly held opinion. So, I stocked up on various non-Nestle chocolate bars, and wee containers of Play-Doh, and then got nervous the day of Halloween, and bought some more stuff.

Last night, I put Milo in a Clash onesie, spiked his hair, and carved a pumpkin under his supervision. I managed a passable cat face, which I stuck over some tea lights next to the drive way. I figure that any lit-up pumpkin, no matter how crappy, is basically an 'Open' sign for trick-or-treaters. We went inside, rolled the Play-Doh containers around for a bit, and waited for kids for about an hour, with no bites. At about 6:40, he started looking tired, and decided to do something awful to his diaper at the same time a dad showed up with a small dinosaur and cowboy. I gave them a good handful of candy each, changed Milo, and gave him a nurse. On my mother's recommendation, I taped a sign over the doorbell, and put out a little bowl of candy, with instructions to take 3, since not many other houses were giving out candy.

I refilled the little bowl from a bigger bowl every ten minutes or so, and ended up meeting someone at the door every time, from parents with toddlers, to school-aged kids, to a couple of shy teenage boys, with no costumes. At 7:38, I went to check on the last bowlful of candy, and it was completely empty.

So, it looks like I was right about Halloween being popular when people are broke, and I liked the small-bowl-outside system, and would use it again. Next year, I'll get more candy, and make sure someone's aroun to take Milo out, or refill the bowl, since he'll be two then.

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